SESCDC projects and programs have been carefully planned and implement to maximize the investment dollars with positive outcome. All our programs are funded through generous financial contributions as well as with our matching funds generated through our professional services contracts. We continually strive to maximize effectiveness as well as efficiency to make sure every

dollar counts.


Investing in the future one person at a time has created an expanding chain of connections throughout the City and community. We believe that our work today will leave a lasting legacy within our community for the benefit of our people.


Whether through, summer youth camps and cultural events or through organized sports programs, we are witnessing the beneficial impact of our programs in the households we service throughout the Southeast Sector.


The circle of influence starts with Individuals. Individuals make up a family. Families make up a community. Communities make up the colorful texture of our city of San Francisco. So by creating and developing community benefits programs, we are planting seeds of hope which one day will

be the pillars of our beautiful city.



Micro Business Incubator

Computer Training Classes

Violence Prevention

LBE Certification Guidance

Workforce and Development

Contracts & Construction (vertical and horizontal)

Community Relations/Public Affairs

Urban Habitat Restoration and Maintenance Training

Summer Internship and On the Job Training

1st in the Family College Scholarship

Life Management and Coaching

Technical & Misc Writing/Editing Services

SESCDC... People Coming Together with the Power to Rebuild!


is a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated and committed to the revival and revitalization of Bayview/Hunters Point.

Our mission is to elevate the quality of life for the people of Bayview/Hunters Point by aggressively combating environmental racism, promoting community health, upgrading housing, creating economic opportunity and generating jobs.



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