About Us

The economic renewal and development of depressed minority communities require a tremendous infusion of
philanthropic funds and resources to accomplish a number of things in the complex puzzle called “Community
Development.” Affordable housing, training and jobs as well as avenues of investment are all needed in order for
the task to be successfully achieved.

There is also a need for the creation of new businesses for new businesses spawn new jobs and income
opportunities. In order for new businesses to be generated there must be a stimulus for the entrepreneurial spirit
of the residents to emerge and express. Without all the above ingredients being present, the “Community
Development” soup will end up a watered down concoction that will disappoint and discourage. Without all those
ingredients, the community will remain dependent on the government and non-profit agencies along with hand-
outs from outsiders and will never achieve self-sufficiency.

Founded in 2002 by Francisco Da Costa and Rev. Andrew Bozeman, the Southeast Sector Community Development
Corporation (SESCDC) is a community development corporation with an answer (not the only answer)
but an answer nonetheless!

SESCDC is developing a multi-layered, multi-faceted approach to this highly complex problem. One that involves
tapping into the communitiy's most valuable resource -- the people and their talents and their drive!