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Who We Are

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation (SESCDC) is a not for profit corporation that is dedicated and committed to the revival and the revitalization of Bayview/Hunters Point.


Our Mission is to help transform this community of color from a symbol of poverty, frustration and pain to a center of prosperity, power and pride by elevating the quality of life through:


• community engagement

• workforce development

• violence intervention/prevention

• certification of small businesses

• addressing quality of life issues

• aggressively combating environmental


• fostering quality education

• promoting community health and safety

• upgrading housing

• upholding human rights


Federal & State: 501(c)3 Corporation

CCSF NPE Cert#: CMD051716380

CA DOJ Cert#: CT0205369


Our Vision

Economic stewardship that shows the world how a community can reinvent itself Is to bring to Bayview/Hunters Point housing projects that are environmentally sound,energy efficient,  physically healthy, economically affordable and architecturally attractive Is to help inspire and propel the economic rebirth of Bayview/Hunters Point; We envision a rebirth that will elevate community prosperity through business vitality, entrepreneurial opportunity, job creation and genuine wealth-building dynamism within the community.


Is to elevate the quality of life in Bayview/Hunters Point to a level that instills a  sense of pride in its residents; that inspires its residents to live and interact with each other with honor, respect and integrity; that allows residents to express themselves in ways that contribute to the growth and enhancement of their community


Is to raise Bayview/Hunters Point as a world-class model of the possibilities for economic and spiritual success in an urban setting.


Is to bring Bayview/Hunters Point to a state of distinction and respect in San Francisco


Is to create, within Bayview/Hunters Point, such a compelling sense-of-place and richness of charm that it becomes a primary destination point among the attractions of San Francisco.



SESCDC... People Coming Together with the Power to Rebuild!


is a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated and committed to the revival and revitalization of Bayview/Hunters Point.

Our mission is to elevate the quality of life for the people of Bayview/Hunters Point by aggressively combating environmental racism, promoting community health, upgrading housing, creating economic opportunity and generating jobs.



5021Third Street, San Francisco, California 94124


(415) 822-9602

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