Our Community

Bayview-Hunters Point ("BVHP") consists of the combined area of Bayview and Hunters Point.  The
Bayview-Hunters Point district is located in the southeastern part of San Francisco, strung along the main
artery of Third Street from India Basin to Candlestick Point. Since it is located in the southeastern corner
of San Francisco, it is known for its year round dazzling sun rises and continuous sunlight throughout the
day. Its sunny exposure also makes it the warmest and least foggy part of the city. It sits on several hills
and provides the residents with spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay which wraps around the
eastern and southern sides of the community.

Hunters Point was named after a family of three brothers, John, Phillip and Robert Hunter. They were real
estate agents who were unable to sell the vacant land on the outskirts of the city for development. So, they
built their homes and dairy farm on the land (now near the present-day corner of Griffith Street and
Oakdale Avenue) during the nineteenth century.

The community known to many San Franciscans as "HP" has gone through a dynamic shift in the
demographics in recent years.  With a growing populations of Asian-Americans and Latino-Americans
moving into the area, the next generation of history for the regions is upon us. Many of the
African-Americans in the area are the children of the massive Southern migration of the 1940s, during
which thousands of African-Americans came from Southern states for job opportunities at the burgeoning
war industries at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.  Between 1940 and 1950, the population leaped from
16,500 to 147,000.  African-Americans are concentrated in the community as a result of the restrictive
housing practices of the past and, to some extent, the present.  

At one time, BVHP was home to many hundreds of Black-owned businesses.  It had the highest
percentage of home ownership in the city and the highest concentration of churches.  The economic
prosperity of the community took a major hit with the closing of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in 1974
and its wealth was reduced again during the sub-prime mortgage economic collapse of 2007.