Yolanda is an IT Engineer turned entrepreneur and community advocate.  

She is the founder of
Innovative Resources, a technology company. It is
currently marketing a variety of technology solutions to significantly enhance the
global leveraging of proprietary technologies that must address wireless
connectivity, the collection of information from millions of data points in real-time
and enhanced data management capabilities.
Innovative Resources also
specializes in creating inventive solutions for water and sewage treatment and

Her success in understanding the dynamics of the fast-paced technology industry
and the intricacies of regulations and public policy has enabled Yolanda to
develop programs that increase participation of underserved communities in the
“new economy”. Her experience in federal procurement spans 20 years and has
expanded her ability to identify creative solutions to better serve small business
owners in the challenge to grow and expand their businesses in government

Since 2012, Yolanda has served on the White House African American Leaders
council providing a voice from the community on social and economic issues
meeting directly with Senior Administration Officials. The programs she has
developed include workforce and employment training and placement as well as
small business entrepreneur training and capacity building.

An active community supporter, Yolanda is CEO of
BEE Coalition, an economic
development company focused on economic stabilization of Black specifically
undervalued communities.  She continues to implement cutting edge solutions to
support economic development.  

Lewis also serves as Executive Director for the Northern California Chapter Elite
Service Disabled Veteran Network a 501(c)19  dedicated to supporting service
disabled veteran-owned business.